Charity Runs With A Twist

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It is amazing how many runs go on throughout the year to help different charities and organizations! I was recently at a shoe store and saw their corner of brochures promoting so many different runs and even training events. What a great way to stay in shape and help charities! One of the runs in […]

The Power of Touch

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Since the newsletter you subscribe to is part of a website relating to massage therapy, this month I thought it only fitting to talk a little bit about, “The Power of Touch.”  We as massage therapists realize that physical contact is not only therapeutic, but necessary and at times even life altering.  It saddened me […]


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            Although our participation at RAGBRAI each year is not an official Massages For Charity Internatinal party event.  We wanted to share the photos with the MFCI community because the first three years that our co-founder did massage at RAGBRAI she donated 50% to different charities.  Therefore RAGBRAI was one of the factors of how the concept for the MFCI parties began.  […]